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Golf Accessories

All the Information you need about Golf Accessories

Golf is an individual sport which has consistently picked up in fame over the last decade. What was once viewed as a sport for old and retired individuals has now grown to include people of all ages, even to include children in their prep-school years.

Now many might see golf simply as getting a wooden club and driving a ball into a hole. Golf is actually more than just that, and in better understanding the game it is important that one familiarize himself with the other things seen and brought on the golf course.

Let us discuss several of these golf accessories:

  • Golf club groove sharpeners

Groove sharpeners are for your iron golf clubs. As you keep hitting the ball with your iron club, like your wedges, you will at times hit the ground, turf, sand. Playing regularly eventually wears down the groove on your iron club, which could lead to backspins and thus inaccurate shots.

Unless you are a pro who can afford to buy new iron clubs when one gets worn down (or even get new clubs from their sponsor), you will need groove sharpeners. Use them to sharpen the club’s groove and bring back its ability to hit effectively on the course.

  • Golf club cleaning brush

Use this handy tool together with your groove sharpeners to restore your irons back to as good as new. With a cleaning brush, remove mud and grime that may have found their way into the grooves of the club. Clean the grooves with the brush completely before sharpening them.

Cleaning brushes not only are used to your clubs, some of the really good ones can even be used to remove dirt and mud in your golf shoes. Quite handy right!

  • Golf divot fork

Golf divots are like golf craters on the green. When your ball flies high through the air and hits the green, it leaves a crater at the impact spot. These golf divots can disturb the putting of yourself or another golfer. According to the golf etiquette you need to use your golf divot repair fork to remove the golf divot. This is to keep the green in a good shape and not destroying it for the next golfer behind you.

You can find golf divot repair forks in many different types. You can opt for the plain golf divot repair fork or go for a fancier with a shots calculator included or with a marker included. It’s up to the golfer as long as you have a golf divot repair fork with you.

  • Golf umbrellas

While obviously used to protect from rain, golf umbrellas serve other purposes. When the sun gets strong and extreme heat, a golf umbrella shields and allows you to stay cooler and protected against direct sunlight.

Pick a golf umbrella that is large enough to fit at two people, so your caddy can hold it for both of you while also bringing your golf bag. Many golf umbrellas are possible to mount on your golf trolley / golf cart. Also, pick an umbrella made of fiberglass, as steel umbrellas might attract lightning.

  • Golf towels

Although towels are generally associated for wiping sweat, that may not be so with golf towels. Their primary purpose is for cleaning and drying clubs and golf balls. A dirty club will most likely hit the ball differently, and being moist constantly from dewed, rain-soaked grass, turf and sand increases the occurrence of rusting.

Golfers should have their towels ready to wipe their clubs and balls; some do use a second golf towel for wiping their hands and forehead from sweat.

  • Golf tees

Golf tees’ primary purpose is to hold the ball in place during the initial stroke. Golf tees come in different shapes, sizes and colours. The traditional ones are made of wood while others are made of plastic. There are also the pyramid tees, special tees which can be used during tough weather conditions like when there is snow and ice on the course.

The most common, neutral colour for a tee is white. Some golfers however wish to have some signature and recognition on the course and might use multi-colored tees that may also match the colour of some of their accessories. There are even some who use special patterns and some unique logo or insignia.

  • Golf gloves

As golf is a game where your hands are critical, the use of a golf glove is very important. The primary use is for a better grip of your club. As a golf glove is unaffected by weather unlike our skin, the importance really comes out during hot weather where hands can get sweaty and you might loose control of your golf club.

Ideally, a golf glove is worn on the opposite hand so right-handed golfers have a left gloved hand while left-handed ones have a right gloved hand. Golf gloves are made either with pure leather or synthetic materials. The latter is cheaper and more durable while the former gets worn out easily but offers a somewhat better feel.

  • Golf ball retrievers

Golf ball retrievers are exactly what their name is, help you retrieve the ball! Imagine sending your ball flying into the trees where there are bushes too, or it went flying into a water hazard and you can still see it.

You might look awkward kneeling on the ground, trying to reach out your hand to retrieve the ball. The chance of falling in the water or not being able to reach it is quite big. The solution is to use a golf ball retriever.

These handy devices are long, adjustable poles with rounded metal ends that are used to grab the golf ball. Short ones come in just at 12 feet in length while there are models that reach as far as 20 feet. Pick one made of lightweight material like aluminium, so you won’t have any problem carrying it around.

  • Golf hats & Golf caps

Golf hats and golf caps, like golf umbrellas, are used to protect the golfer from heat. They also shield your eyes from glare as you go around the course and can shield the golfer to keep focussed on the game. Some golf caps are also waterproof, so your head is dry even when there is a light drizzle ongoing.

The most common are baseball caps, used in golf and baseball. Visors are recommended for those who like their hair exposed. Those who play in courses where there is snow have the wooly golf hat and the beanie. Finally, for the traditional and classy golf look, there is the flat golf cap. Pick one that suits the weather and your style.

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