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Golf courses are very expansive and golfing on a 18-holes course you’ll cover a great distance. And as such, you need something to carry all your golf clubs and other items, in order to have an efficient and continuous game flow. This is where golf bags come in.

There are many different types of golf bags you can choose from, which will mostly depend on your usual golfing setup. If you prefer walking around the field while only carrying the really essential couple of golf clubs and some other bits and pieces, then a golf carry bag should be your bag of choice. To know more about it, please read on.

Jones Golf Carry Bag - Original Nantucket Red CanvasWhat is a carry golf bag?

Judging from the name itself, you can likely tell that this type of golf bag is meant be carried. It is usually made from light materials as to avoid straining your back. Although it is not as utility-heavy compared to other varieties of golf bags, carry golf bags more than makes up for it with its efficient use.

Although most modern carry golf bags already incorporate legs to be positioned upright, there are still brands that come without them. Just as mentioned in the previous paragraph, carry golf bags tend to have little utility, and will only provide the essential compartments and pockets. However, there are some brands that add more room than the usual, which are sometimes called hybrids.

When and how to use a carry golf bag?

Jones Golf Carry Bag - Junior Original Black

Jones Junior Original Black – Ideal for kids!

There is really no restriction as to when this type of golf bag can be used. If you are playing for leisure, then using this golf bag is totally acceptable, granted you know how to properly use it.

One of the most common mistake you can do in using a carry golf bag is overloading it. This type of golf bag is meant to be lightweight, and that is how it should be used as well. Just because a game of golf allows a maximum limit of 14 golf clubs does not mean you should bring that many too.

Majority of seasoned golf players who commonly uses carry golf bags already manages to find success with just 9-10 different golf clubs. But if you don’t have that much experience yet, but would still prefer to use this type of bag, then there is no harm in experimenting with golf clubs until you can come up with a non-overbearing set which you can still be effective with. Of course you need to add some other items, like extra golf balls, tees and other golf accessories.

However, if you can’t play with less than 14 clubs, then having a golf push cart (or electric golf cart) or even a golf caddie to carry the bag for you would be best, which is mostly the case for pro players. So unless you are a professional golfer, you should really take time to pack only the most necessary equipment, or better yet, get a more appropriate golf bag type. This will save your back from a lot of pain and potential injuries.

Sun Mountain 2017 4.5 LS 14-Way Golf Carry Bag Ping 4 Series Carry Golf Bag Ping Hoofer Carry Golf Bag Callaway 2016 Pencil Hyper-Lite Golf Carry Bag Wilson Staff Eco Carry Golf Bag

Titleist Golf Carry Bag 4 up bag FINAL 2What to look for in a carry golf bag?

There are a lot of factors you need to put into consideration when looking for a carry golf bag, but it will mostly boil down to your personal preference, expected needs, and usual game setting. So before you decide to cash out, consider these first.

If you mostly play on a wet and cold environment, then it would be in your best interest to choose a carry golf bag that has an extra pocket for a jacket or a compartment for an umbrella. You should also consider water bottle holder if you are easily dehydrated, or a secure pocket for your valuables.

A carry golf bag that has two dividers will, for the most part, be more than enough to accommodate your golf clubs, while still giving you ease of access. When it comes to the straps, it will mostly be decided by your body build and gender.

Callaway 2016 Pencil Hyper-Lite Golf Carry Bag - club dividersThe default strap of most models of this type of golf bag won’t have much trouble conforming to an average man’s body build. However, if you are female golfer, then you’ll find better comfort in a carry golf bag that has an adjustable strap, especially if you have a narrower body frame.

There is also the option for the number of straps on this golf bag. If you have good endurance and like to go about the golf course as quickly as you can, then go for a single strap. Otherwise, pick a golf bag that has double or harness straps to achieve more reinforcement and support. Once you get used to the harness straps, it’s probably even more comfortable than the normal single strap carry bags.

In the end, there are no perfect carry golf bags, only the ideal ones. If you are quick to give in to your urges, then select a model that has the least pockets, since the more of it there are, the likelier you are to fill them. And that is not how this type of golf bag is intended to be used, rather, it’s all about carrying only the essentials and enjoy the golfing!