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Golf GPS

All the Information you need about Golf GPS Watches and Handhelds

Technology has advance so much that almost all aspects of our lives, including the field of sports, has something to do with a gadget or an invention. Golf is among such sports that has also started integrating future-techs more and more.

One gadget in particular that is already being used in most modern game of golf is the GPS device. This innovation exists to direct golfers to the right track, which is often used when physical markers are harder to see, maybe due to low visibility and etc. It is also useful when you do not have your own personal caddie to help guide you.

Types of Golf GPS

There are different varieties of golf GPS, but they can simply be grouped into two broad classifications, namely: Golf GPS watches and Golf GPS handhelds. To know more about them, here is a breakdown of the two:

  • Golf GPS Watches

Garmin Approach S2 Golf GPS WatchJust as the name suggests, this device comes in a watch form, usually wristwatch. With that in mind, a golf GPS watch is very portable and easy to access, since you will be wearing it on your wrist for most of the time.

Most golf GPS watches, if not all, can also double as a regular watch, meaning you can use it even on a normal non-game day. Moreover, these devices also come with pre-stored information of multiple golf courses around the world, which you can access without any form of subscription fee.

But for all its advantages, golf GPS watches also tend to be more expensive, especially popular brands, compared to handheld ones. Plus, there are only a few models that have visual-assistive features that make up for the tiny displays of GPS watches.

  • Golf GPS Handhelds

GolfBuddy GB3-PT4 Golf GPS Rangefinder HandheldCompared to golf GPS watches, golf GPS handhelds come with more bulk, and must be held. But due to its bigger build, you also get a larger and clearer screen, which is a lot easier to navigate.

The advantage of a larger screen on a golf GPS handheld is that the device can provide you more information about nearby hazards (water, bunkers or trees) and can give you more clearly an idea of how the hole is running.

Nowadays the golf GPS handhelds have a slim design and can easily fit in your pocket, or can be put in your golf bag or golf cart storage. Some golfers find wearing a watch during the game an annoyance and for them a golf GPS handheld devices is certainly an outcome.

Most modern golf GPS handhelds also come with a touch screen display. Even your smartphone can now turn into a GPS device with the help of a golf apps. Although these devices are not as easily accessible as golf GPS watches, they can still seamlessly fit in your pocket. But, digging out the device every time you need it can sometimes prove bothersome.

What is a golf GPS?

triangulate with gps satellites to provide best accurate position

How GPS works:

If you are a consumer of technology, then you probably have already heard of the term GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System. To put it simply, GPS is a navigation technology used for acquiring information on location and time via satellite signals.

As you may or may not know, GPS technology was not immediately made available to the public. It was not until the year 2000 that the US allowed such system to be utilized commercially. Since then, many manufacturers have started incorporating the GPS system in their devices, which eventually lead to the creation of golf GPS gadgets.

GPS is using satellites from all around the world and with only a few of these satellites, the golf GPS can calculate a very accurate position. Since there are so many GPS satellites supplying coverage everywhere in the world and therefore golf GPS devices can be used all over the world as well. For devices with preloaded golf courses, you might need to load a new set but this is recommended (and very easy) anyway to update your golf courses database.

What makes a golf GPS important?

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - two colors black blue and white orangeGolf courses are some of the most expansive fields that are played on in a particular sport. Navigating through such fields on your own, and without assistance, can be very challenging. But with the use of a golf GPS device, you get pertinent data like yardages, and the distances between you and the green and the surrounding hazard zones, which are important to keep you right on course. 

Like mentioned above, it is not really compulsory for you to own a GPS-integrated golf device. But not using one only ever works if you are already a master at the sport, or if you have a good caddy accompanying your around the course. Nevertheless, it is still beneficial if you bring such device on your games.

Most golfers that are using a golf GPS handheld, keep it in their pocket or store it in their golf bag or mount it on their golf trolley. Golfers that use a golf GPS watch have the advantage of faster access to all the hole information with a twist of their wrist.

For a quick breakdown of the importance of GPS-capable golf device, here is a list of some of its benefits:

  • Distance measurement is precise

In a game of golf, mastering distances is mastering the game itself, which is one of best traits that professional golfers possess. But if you are just starting to get the feel of the game, using a golf GPS device can significantly improve your distance approximation skill and measurement accuracy.

  • Stores game data

Aside from pinpointing your location and gauging distances, most golf GPS devices can also store important statistics and other pertinent data that you can scrutinize during or after your game. This gives you plenty of records to work with, thus helping you grow with each game.

  • Builds your confidence

The more you use a golf GPS device the better your shots will be, meaning the fewer of it you need to make, which is something all golfers can be proud of. Furthermore, knowing the distances of your surroundings can also help you develop a feel for your swings, thus making you more confident with each shot.

  • It speeds up the game

An average round of golf can last up to four hours or more. But by using a GPS device in your game to advice you on the exact distances and therefore better choice of your golf clubs, you are able to spend less time on each hole, making the pace of the game that much faster.

When and where to use a golf GPS device?

Although the R&A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club), which is the major ruling authority of golf, has approved the use of GPS devices in golf games, a few golf clubs are still adamant to it. In order to avoid any confusion, just ask the club you belong to directly, and find out if it consents the use of such gadget.

As to when you should use a GPS device for golf, the short answer is anytime you want, as long as it is permitted. Why neglect something that can enhance your performance, right?

Hopefully you are now more familiar with golf GPS devices, and that all the information in this article have convinced you of the importance of such a device. Just remember, practice is still the best process for your continued growth in just about anything you do, golf included.

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