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Technology has truly advanced so much that almost every activity in our lives now involves some form of gadget. The same can be said for sports, like golf. Due to its competitive and physically intensive nature, most tech advancements made for golf players also typically includes some form of monitoring, be it for the players or the playing field. A good example of such monitoring technology is the golf GPS watch.

The golf GPS watch has a variety of functions that ranges from providing distances from the golfer to the green (normally to the front, center and back of the green) and to any (water, sand bunker or tree) hazards on the specific golf hole. Simpler models only provide 2 or 3 hazards and more advanced models can provide distances up to 10 hazards. So no more guestimating with the use of physical markers but use the exact distance so you can focus completely on your next swing!

Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S2 Golf GPS WatchThe golf GPS watch is actually not the first form of GPS device used in a game of golf. First there was the GPS rangefinder. But since this traditional tool tends to be more convoluted to use and cumbersome to carry around the course, the wristwatch with GPS was then invented.

There are currently dozens of brands and models of this particular watch. And without proper knowledge, you might have a hard time finding a good product of it. But worry not, this article will introduce you to pertinent factors you need to consider when canvassing for the best golf GPS watch, to ensure that you make the right investment.

Unlike golf rangefinders, this wearable GPS device does not need any extensive manipulation in order to get information from it. Data like fairways and greens, putt stats, and user’s vital signs, among plenty more, are all easily accessible using this watch. Furthermore, the lack of any subscription fees on golf GPS watches, which was heavily disliked on the old traditional rangefinders, will definitely save you a lot of money.

Majority of GPS-installed watches for golfing also allows storage for different golf courses. Some can only store a few golf courses, while other top-end brands are pre-loaded with as many as 36,000 courses. This feature eliminates the need for re-downloading a single course, if ever you play on multiple fields.

Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing A Golf GPS Watch

Just as mentioned above, this invention comes in multiple brands, with each offering their own unique take on it. But although there are manufacturer-specific perks that exists on such device, some features will, more or less, remain generic across all brands, which will help you narrow down your choice.

Here are some of the important factors you need to take into consideration before purchasing a golf GPS watch:

  • Budget

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf WatchThe variety of golf GPS watches you can get will depend on your budget range. This invention does not come cheap, even the basic ones can still cost a considerable amount of money. Some of the cheapest, yet still good in quality, brands you can get can cost around $140-170, while high-end ones can range from $300-400 or more.

When you take your budget into consideration, you must also think of your golf play frequency. If you treat the sport as more of a hobby, and only ever play a few times in a month, then getting the basic brand will more than suffice. However, if you play golf extensively or competitively, then investing on the top-end, albeit expensive, brands is the better move.

Just make sure that the golf GPS watch is not the only solution to play better. It can certainly help you to focus more and better on your swing by taking away the constant thinking of the distances but you still have to practise your swing on the driving range, put field and chip area. First invest in your golf training by hiring a good Golf Pro, get proper golf clubs, golf bag, golf trolley and a pair of golf shoes. Of course you shouldn’t forget a few packs of golf balls and other golf accessories.

  • Battery

Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf WatchIf you haven’t realized it yet, the golf GPS watch does need battery to power up. And depending on the brand, battery duration can also vary. Plus, most GPS watches intended for golf may also double as a regular day watch, which is another factor for the battery’s lifespan.

The typical battery duration of most basic brands, in GPS mode, can last around 10 hours, while other higher-end ones can clock in at around 12 hours tops. In watch mode, some product can actually last for a year. So depending on how often you play, you should pick a product according to your usual time-frame.

Since a game of golf generally last up to 4 hours, or more, depending on the game setup, burning through those 10-12 hours in GPS mode can happen real fast. With that said, you might want to reconsider using your golf wristwatch both as a golf GPS and regular watch. However, if you still insist in doing so, then you should at least get the model that lasts the longest.

  • Display

Golf Buddy Ladies LD2 Golf GPS WatchThe display is one of the most important part of this particular wearable tech, since it is where you practically get your information. Some golf GPS watch brands have it small, while other have it wide.

Regardless of the size of the screen, you should pick the one that displays vivid figures and numbers, even under bright sunlight. And if you want a colored display, you might want to prep your budget, since it usually costs more than ordinary ones.

Many golf GPS watches are available in more women’s colors and there are even special models specifically made for women. One of them is the GolfBuddy LD2, which has little Swarovski crystals and comes in white only.

  • Size

Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch - distances to hazardsNot all golf players are sized the same. So choose a unit that is proportionate to your actual hand and wrist dimensions. Most golf GPS watches are already portable by default, but you should still ensure that what you will get will fit seamlessly in your pocket, or can be easily clipped on to your hat if need be.

  • Shot Measurement

Oddly enough, some brands do not come with this specific feature, which is strange since shot distance is one of the most helpful data you can take advantage of in a game of golf. So make sure this function comes with the unit you buy, to get the most out of your purchase.

  • Extra Features

The more features a golf GPS watch has, the more enticing it is. However, just because a particular brand has a unique function, like the ability to relocate pins, or the capability to record unmapped hazards, does not mean it will instantly make you play better than others.

Hopefully you will be able to make full use of all the golf pro information above in your journey to finding the perfect golf GPS watch.