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Golf Shoes

All the Information you need about Golf Shoes

The best way to play a game of golf is when you are at your most comfortable condition. No matter how proficient and accurate your swings are, playing in discomfort is bound to affect your game, in one way or another. One of the best way for you to maintain a calm and easy mood when going for a round of golf, is wearing the right pair of footwear.

A game of golf is not really restricted to one type of shoe, at least for the most part. You can actually do with just about any athletic-type shoe. However, there are certain types of foot gear that are intended for the golf sport, and exploring these different varieties might actually help you find a pair that will enhance your game experience.

To help you narrow down your options on which style of golf shoes is likely to appeal most to your needs and situation, then read this article. Hopefully, by the end, you will be able to zone in on that perfect pair of golf shoes, or at least have a shortlist.

Why is it important to choose the right pair of golf shoes?

Given the expansiveness of a golf course, it is also not uncommon for a round to last up to four hours. That is quite a lengthy duration involving heaps of walking and standing. Of course using a golf trolley, golf bag and golf gadgets like GPS watches or a golf rangefinder already helps a lot to make your golf round more convenient. But you still need to walk several miles on the golf course. This is where the importance your shoe choice comes in to play.

With the appropriate pair of golf shoes, your feet are likely to withstand more pressure and stress brought by continuous ambulation on the course. But, not all golfers are the same, including you. And this means preference, location, weather patterns, and etc., can all have influence over which type of golf footwear is right for you.

The styles of the golf shoe

Like mentioned above, most basic shoes intended for an active lifestyle or sport can also be worn on a game of golf. But, if you really want to get the most out of your games, playing with golf shoes will give you that satisfaction. Here are 4 common different kinds of golf shoes:

  • Spiked

Spiked golf shoes, or cleated shoes, offer some of the most important features that you would want from such type of sport footwear. It has breathability, comfort, style, and a solid grip.

The need for comfort and style in golf shoes is easy enough to acknowledge, but some may still have questions on the importance of breathability and grip. Well, to elaborate on that, breathability helps keep your feet cool and free from excessive perspiration, while grip contributes to stabilization and proper posturing, especially on your ankles.

Other features aside the ones mentioned above are usually dependent on the model or brand of the spiked shoes. And depending on your preference, and general game setting like your location’s weather conditions, your spiked shoes of choice will also differ.

If the golf course you play in commonly has a wet environment, then you might want to consider spiked golf shoe brands that offer waterproof capability. The spikes itself are also another factor you need to consider.

Most manufacturers already use plastic as their main component for the spikes, but there are still others that go for the more traditional approach by using metal. Depending on what is allowed on your go-to golf course, your selected spike material will also vary.

Truly, the defining benefit of spiked golf shoes that separates it from the other styles is in its ability to keep you firmly grounded while you make your swings.

  • Spikeless

Just as the name suggests, these shoes are without spikes. They are also sometimes called street shoes, which is probably due to its more laid back built.

Compared to the previous style, this golf shoe is lower in profile and lightweight. Furthermore, street shoes use dimpled soles or rubber studs instead of spikes, so it is not entirely without ground support, although it is admittedly still not as stable compared to spiked golf shoes.

Street shoes are also not quite on par with spiked ones in terms of waterproofing. However, some producers have already claimed that spikeless shoes last the longest as far as golf shoes are concerned, thanks to newer rubber technologies.

  • Golf Boots

If you want the most protection for your feet in the golf sport, then golf boots are the way to go. Not only are they the most waterproofed out of all the other styles, but they also provide the most warmth and foot grip.

If you live in colder areas, or if you still play during winter months, then the insulation of golf boots will be to your utmost advantage. Some brands even incorporate gaiters to their golf boots, which adds to their overall water resistance.

However, the added material in golf boots also contributes to more bulk, which means it will be heftier to walk in. Plus, the high-cut profile that usually comes with this golf shoe style can slightly limit your ankles’ movement during swings.

  • Golf Sandals

Although not as popular, golf sandals are actually the most breathable out of all golf shoe styles, which is to be expected from its more open design. With that said, golf sandals are perfect for hotter weathers, and humid atmospheres. However, golf sandals do not have much to offer in terms of securement, apart from its straps.

The lack of ample support makes golf sandals impractical for long walks, and can sometimes cause blisters due to some straps being too coarse, particularly during first time use. Plus, your feet will be more exposed in this style of golf shoes, leaving you vulnerable to sudden environmental changes such as rain and etc.

By using all the information in this article, you should be able to thin out your options regarding which style of golf shoes will work best for you. When you do find that style you want, you should also consider the materials used in the brand you are about to pick, as well as the fit. Most golfers buy golf clubs, golf carts with the idea to play a long time with them. With the right pair of golf shoes, you would like to play a long time with them so you might want to consider buying two pair so you can swap them regularly so you will be able to enjoy them a lot longer!

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