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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Golf Pro, you probably use a golf trolley to get around on the golf course. Maybe at the complete beginning of your golf career, you’ve carried a golf carry bag around the golf course but once you’ve more clubs, you probably want a golf push or pull cart.

If you’re used to take your golf carry bag around, you will soon realize that it was quite a task to carry it throughout the course, let alone when you have moved to the level of playing eighteen holes and making use of more golf clubs like the driver, woods, and more wedges. Next to more golf clubs, you probably take some extra golf balls, golf accessories and a golf gadget like a golf rangefinder or golf GPS with you.

For golfers who will be tackling golf courses and planning to play eighteen holes, one useful piece of golf equipment they should consider getting is a golf cart. What we will be discussing here are manual push and pull golf trolleys, one that requires your own strength to move. If you’re looking for an electric golf push cart, you should read our electric golf carts article. While it might seem that pushing a golf cart along during your game is additional hassle, even a manual push or pull golf cart is a big help.

Golf Trolley Advantages

Here are a few advantages to having a push or pull golf cart while playing golf:

  • Less effort and strength

The golf cart is perhaps the perfect demonstration that even in the modern day and age, the simple wheel really makes work much easier. Like mentioned a while ago, imagine bringing your golf carry bag with all your clubs and gear stowed while walking through the golf course. Even on a cloudy and gray day, you will probably be sweating after only a couple of holes.

Now imagine if instead you had your golf bag loaded on the golf trolley, with you pulling or pushing it while going through eighteen holes. Isn’t this scene really much easier? You can save your energy and use that energy for the actual game!

  • Enjoy playing golf more

A lot of golfers love the prospect of walking and enjoying the scenery as they play. Now this might be difficult to achieve if you are bearing the full weight of your golf gear. But with a push or pull golf cart taking on most of the weight, you can enjoy the course and marvel at all the landscaping, smell of flora like the grass and the trees, and let your senses feel relaxed at the tranquil surroundings.

  • Focus more on your game

Golf is a serious mental game that requires a lot of focus and analysis. You’ve been spending lots of hours on golf training and that all comes together when you’re playing the game. It is quite common to see golfers kneeled down on the course, staring intently at the green to flag with a hand on their chin, strategizing on how best to get the ball into the hole. The golf trolley takes away the stress of carrying your golf gear, thus allowing you to pay close attention on the mental aspect of your game.

Now that we have discussed how much benefit you can get from having a manual golf cart with you, you are now probably excited to rush to the nearest golf goods store and place an order for your own cart. Well, not so fast just yet!

Golf Trolley Buying Information

We have enumerated the advantages of getting a manual golf trolley, but it is also important for you also to know what things to look out for when buying a manual push / pull golf cart. Here are some of them:

  • Size and quality of the wheels

The main reason why golf carts are an asset to you is primarily because of how they utilize the power of the wheel. As we discussed a while back, the wheels of the golf cart take on most of the weight of your golf gear. Because of this, when shopping for a golf cart especially manual push / pull models, pay close attention to their wheels.

Many critics agree that if possible, get a golf cart with large wheels. While carts with larger wheels are slightly heavier, this also means that they can go through almost any terrain. This is very important with manual golf carts. Small wheels means you can only push and pull it over even, solid ground. What now if you are playing on courses with uneven terrain or there are soft, sticky patches of grass? You don’t want to be stuck there would you?

  • Collapsible golf carts versus non-collapsing golf carts

A lot of push and pull golf trolleys are very portable that they can be folded and tucked away in the trunk of your car. This is very nice if you regularly play golf at courses which require a bit of driving. A lot of golf carts that are collapsable and foldable are made of light materials. Make sure that the golf trolley (although light) is still of good quality and durable.

  • Manual golf cart with seats

Manual golf carts do more than just carry your things. There are some models that come with a seat that you can rest on. Seems trivial and not a big deal right? On the contrary, if you struggle with the long walk of a 18 holes golf course, you might want to pick a model that has this feature.

Golf is a game that requires a lot of standing and walking. And while it is not much a physical game, the pace can wear down on you and might take you out of your game. The manual golf cart with a seat can take care of this issue. When the 18 holes golf course is physically getting too long, and you still enjoy the game of golf, you could check out the electric golf carts that you sit on.